Several months ago Facebook changed the email that is displayed to friends to an address. As a business owner (and a good friend) it is a good idea to go in and change the visible email address to your REAL email address.  Here is how you edit the contact information that is displayed and visible to your friends and/or the general online public.

1. Navigate to your Facebook Profile

You can do this by clicking on your name on the left-hand side, next to your profile photo.

2. View your information.

Click on “About” found under your profile/timeline photo.

3. Locate & Edit your contact information.

4. Add your personal and/or work email addresses and phone numbers.

5. Select who can see your contact information.

If you are a business owner, you may want your phone number and work email address visible to the public. But you may want only friends to see your personal contact information. You can keep it simple by setting it as visible to all friends, but if you have grouped your friends by lists, you can select specific lists of friends who can see your contact information.

6. Make it visible on your timeline.

Here is the most important step! It doesn’t do anyone any good if you made your contact information visible to a group of friends if it isn’t displayed on your timeline. So, please set all contact details to appear on your timeline. You can’t turn the facebook email off, but you can publish all of your correct information.

On behalf of all your friends and customers, thank you for making it a little easier to contact you!