More time is being spent on Tumblr than Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn – are you missing out?

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a popular social media platform owned by Yahoo! with a younger, hard-to-reach audience demographic – 69 percent millenials. The channel is designed to fill a gap between Facebook and WordPress.

Tumblr consists of miro-blogs, shorter blog posts with the incorporation of links, videos, and photos.

Creator David Karp, wanted Tumblr to be more about freeform expression, something that he felt was limited on the traditional blog sites at the time.

Tumblr users are known to be expressive in comparison to other social networks. Users are able to create their own original content and personalize the appearance of their blog. That is where it is differentiated from Facebook and Twitter. Karp described his creation as an “online home” and “design orientated” so that users can establish and express their personalities.

Who is on Tumblr?

As of April 2016 there are 291.7 million blog accounts with an average of 53.3. million posts a day on the site, with 38 percent of their users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

These young bloggers are spending a significant amount of time on the site with 28 minutes being the length of the average visit. That’s double the time spent Facebook.

Content on Tumblr

Content on Tumblr typically consists mostly of GIFs and photos, but they are working on increasing the use of live video. One example of a brand that has made Tumblr work to their advantage is Coca-Cola. Their combination of brand messaging plus feel-good content has engaged their audience resulting in reblogs (or shares) from their community.

Justine Skye, a recording R&B artist started her career on the site. She created her brand as the approachable cool girl with her purple hair and developed a huge online following that gave a jump-start to her career as an artist. The Purple Unicorn is still active as she uses it as an online diary updating regularly.

If you are trying to reach millennials, Tumblr might be the social media platform to invest in. Just remember, less writing and more visual content is what works best!