Do you use the same password for multiple websites? Do you have trouble remembering all of your passwords? Do you know that your passwords are weak but struggle to come up with something stronger?

Today is national Change Your Password day. It is a good idea to change your passwords regularly, as more and more sites are being hacked and personal data and password information is leaked almost daily.

So I thought I would share with you how I come up with strong passwords, a variety of passwords, and how I remember them all!

A few years ago I was working on memorizing a Bible verse… I got the verse down, but I struggled to remember the reference. So I changed my email password to that verse reference, for example, Phillipians4:6.

By typing this password multiple times a day, it become easy to remember something that I was struggling to memorize, and it proved to be a very strong password. So I have taken this one step further, by creating passwords for accounts that are related to the site I am logging into.

So for my bank account, I found a verse that is about money. For my daughter’s online game, I chose a verse that talks about children. This also helps to make recalling the various passwords easier.

Not very long ago I started using an app to help manage the growing number of passwords I have to keep up with. And I must say that I absolutely recommend you checking it out!

LastPass ( is application that is added on to your browser and securely encrypts your login information and logs you in to your accounts without having to remember anything. It is very secure, and you can even get the app for your mobile device, so you can have access to your passwords for anywhere!

So, take some time today, come up with some new passwords, and start making those changes! Because you know you need to mix up your passwords!