I don’t think I’d be stretching the truth if I said most of us have a hard time remembering names. How many times has an introduction taken place and moments later, you’re left in a complete identification quandary?  I do it all the time. For as much as we try, there’s just something that keeps us from retaining a simple, SINGLE word; the name.

It’s nothing technical in nature. Most times, it’s just a simple lapse in recollection. In most instances, it’s that we haven’t established a personal connection just yet. Our interaction is unfamiliar; our association new.

So, how does this apply to a business name? Is there something that helps to identify a company—an element that adds a descriptive touch—something that helps us with knowing who they are and what they do? Something that makes the emotional connection between brand and consumer?

Meet the tagline…

A great tagline will distinguish. It can create an emotional attachment and connection. It has the ability to enhance the brand promise. In its own unique way, it inspires consumers to want to know more about the product.

Let’s start with some tagline basics. The newer the business, the more it can benefit from the tagline. Makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, the function of the tagline is to communicate a brand’s promise (whether the brand is new or established), in a sticky—or memorable manner. Taglines, by design, elicit curiosities. They provoke interest, while challenging the mundane. They oftentimes deliver clarity.

Taglines that have withstood the test of time have some commonalities. They transcend generations and fuse demographics. They connect directly with the consumer and provide a great reinforcement to the brand. Taglines create a familiar identity in the consumer’s head.

Recreating an existing tagline takes some strategic thinking and planning. While it may be time to reposition yourself in the industry, being mindful of retaining your existing audience is paramount through the transition. While longevity can sometimes be the equivalent of stale, change can occasionally result in lost loyalty. A critical assessment of your desired objective is always recommended.

An effective tagline will garner attention and cause audiences to want to know more. Good taglines cause potential customers to take a second look at your brand. Great taglines inspire interest. The tagline’s purpose is to cause potential customer’s to ask, “What is that?” and “Why should I care?”

Never underestimate the power of the tagline. It’s the second most memorable part or your branding strategy. With an effective tagline possibly being your best brand communication tool, wouldn’t it be wise to utilize its worth to the full extent? You’d better believe it would!

Nice to meet you, Mr. Tagline!

If you need help with creating the perfect tagline for your business, contact Linda Shelar and Supposably Irregardless.

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