It is a very simple process to link your Facebook profile and page to Twitter. But let me start by saying that I am not one to promote automated and linked social media accounts. At the same time, I realize for many of us (including myself!) that managing half a dozen separate social media accounts is nearly impossible! So when starting out building your social media presence, it may be almost necessary to link your Facebook profile and/or page to a Twitter account. So here are the steps to get you started.

Step 1. Visit

link facebook profile to twitter

Step 2. Click on the green link labeled “Link My Profile to Twitter”. When you do this a new web page will open to authorize Twitter.

Step 3. Login to Twitter and Authorize your Facebook to use your account.

authorize twitter account

Step 4. Verify your settings and determine what types of posts you want to share to Twitter.

Facebook to Twitter Settings

You use this same process to link your Facebook Business Page to a Twitter account. Find the business page you wish to link and click the link to the right that says “Link to Twitter”.

link facebook page to twitter

Then authorize the Twitter account you want to link to your business page.

authorize twitter account

Finally, select which types of posts you want to share to the linked Twitter account.

twitter settings