You’ve posted a story to your Facebook business page… but sometimes it is a good idea to share that story with your friends. This is a good way to occasionally remind your friends about your business so they can use or refer you to their “friend” community. (Notice that I said occasionally… you don’t want to wear your friends out with your business posts!)

So, let’s go through the steps to share a story posted on Facebook (this can be a post from your business page, or something another friend or page has posted).

1. First, locate the story and click the Facebook Share button.

Find the Share Link

2. Select where you want to share this story.

You have some options here, so it’s good to know that you can share it on your own timeline, but you can also share it on a friend’s wall, if it is specific to one person, or to a group that you belong to. You can also share it on another page that you manage, if appropriate.

Where do you want to share this story?

3. Include a comment about your post.

Let your friends know why you are sharing the link, or engage them in a conversation. It’s better to include a short message here from you personally as it improves readership and lets your friends know why you are sharing this link.

Add a personal message about the story

4. You can edit the Title and Summary from the original post.

If you took the time to customize this content on the original post on your page it may not be necessary to make any changes, but if you are sharing a story from another page or friend that did not edit these areas it is good to know that you can edit if it needs to be cleaned up.

Facebook allows you to edit the title and story summary that appears.

5. Choose an image.

If there are multiple images on the original link, you can select the thumbnail that appears in the post. It is better to include a thumbnail, as research has shown that posts with images get higher readership!

Select the image to appear in the facebook post.

6. Facebook “Via” Link

If you are sharing a link from another page, you can opt to remove the “via” line, but if you are sharing from your own business page it is beneficial to keep this link in tact.

You can remove the "via" link if you prefer.

7. Finally, select who want to see this post.

Is it something you want to post to the public, just your friends, or maybe this is something that would only be beneficial to a select list of your friends…

What group of facebook friends do you want to see your post?

That’s it! Click “Share Link” and you’re done. Remember to think before you share… make sure that it will add value to your community. You want your friends to embrace your business posts, not feel like they are getting spammed. Your friends will want to help you be successful, but they are friends first – so keep your personal posts personal and limit your sales pitches. But that is a topic for another time!