… The Right Way!

Yes, I know, this may be very basic instruction for many. But I have talked to several people that desire this level of explanation on how to share links on their business Facebook pages. So, if you are advanced Facebook user, you can skip over this post!

Step 1:

Navigate to your Facebook Page and make sure that you are using your Business “Voice”.

Step 2:

Paste a copy of the link to the site you want to share. Be sure that if you are sharing a blog post that you have the link for that article and it is not the home page for the blog. (You want to make sure that as new blog posts are added that this link still points to the article you are referencing!) Facebook will recognize the link and pull additional information from the page you are linking (see below).

Step 3:

If there are multiple images on page you sharing, you can select which one you want to appear as the thumbnail. Or, you can choose “No Thumbnail”, but it’s better if you include a image with your post.

Step 4:

Delete the link the status update area and add your message about the article. You can include your opinion, a message about the article, and engage your followers to share their thoughts.

Step 5:

You can now edit the Headline area in the linked post. Just click on the headline one time and the cursor magically appears and you can edit this field.

In this example, I didn’t need to include my business name in the headline, so I deleted that to clean up the post for my followers.

Step 6:

You can also edit the lead paragraph. Perhaps there is a comment in the second or third paragraph that you want to highlight and share here. You can copy and paste that information in this space.

Are you ready to post? Everything look good?

We’re almost ready to click the “Post” button!


Step 7:

Maybe it’s late at night, and you really would rather schedule this post for tomorrow afternoon so that it will get better visibility (because studies show the optimal time to share is around noon).

Just click the little clock in the lower left corner.  Now you can set the year, the date, and even the time that you want your post to be published.


Click “Post”.

Final Step:

Check to make sure you switch back to your “Personal Voice” before you leave – you don’t want to make personal comments on your friends’ updates using your “Business Voice”.