It is always exciting for me when I see Facebook marketing work. Yesterday a local business I follow (not a client) posted a Facebook special that was successful, so let’s see how they did it.

Use a Picture

Note that the post consisted of a picture. Pictures attract more attention in the Facebook news feed.

Provide Value

The regular price and the special discounted price is bright and bold and clearly shows value to their followers. The fine print and the caption emphasizes that the special is available to their Facebook fans. But the value was recognized by their audience, and was even shared 5 times, extending this special to an even greater audience!

Require Action

By offering a limited quantity, this special required immediate action. And the desired action was stated… “call us”.

Make it Easy

The phone number was posted right there in the caption, making it very easy to act.


It took less than 4 hours to sell 50 Discovery Flights! This campaign was so successful that US Sport decided to extend the special to an additional 50 customers.

The Rest of the Story

I have a personal experience with US Sport. I went on one of their Discovery Flights at the beginning of this year. It was a great experience and I shared it with my friends on Facebook. I have had a lot of friends inquire about my flying experience throughout the year. So when I saw this post, I thought it was perfect to share with all of my friends since there seemed to be so much interest.

Today I had a friend call me to ask me some additional questions. Seems her husband likes to fly and she was considering purchasing the Discovery Flight as a gift.

So because US Sport provided me with a quality experience, it was natural for me to promote their business and provide that additional recommendation to a friend who trusted my account over other online reviews.

I’m not sure that you’ll be able to take advantage of this special for a Discovery Flight, but you can Like their Facebook Page and watch for future specials. Or visit their website and book your Discovery Flight and cross “fly a plane” off YOUR bucket list!

*Again, this is not a client and I will not be compensated in any way for this post!

Have you had success marketing your business on Facebook? Share your story in the comments!