Email Marketing Services

Email marketing remains a critical component to an effective online marketing program. Email can promote your products and services to customers and drive traffic to your website. Good campaigns will increase conversions by reducing objections. Stay front of mind with clients to get referrals and repeat business.

We assist clients with:

  • creating an effective email marketing strategy
  • setting-up email marketing software
  • designing templates
  • integrating opt-in forms with existing website
  • training on email marketing platforms

We also develop strategies, create content, and execute email automation campaigns to support a comprehensive marketing program. We work with clients to generate a series of emails to drip on clients after an action has been taken. The best part about automated campaigns is that once they are developed and activated they run all on their own.

Email Marketing Coaching

Our Email Marketing Coaching Program will equip you with both the technical skills and a campaign strategy allowing you to rock your email marketing efforts. We will set up your email marketing platform, if you don’t already have one in place, and train you on how to navigate creating templates and campaigns. We cover strategies, brainstorm on content, and review best practices for campaigns. Lastly we will dip our toes in email automation and develop drip campaigns that run on their own.

Campaign Management

We will design and produce regular email newsletters and other email campaigns based on client needs and marketing plans. Clients can provide content or we have writers that can develop content as needed. As part of a committed contracted service, we will review analytics and provide recommendations and feedback to improve the performance of ongoing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation delivers a series of messages to persuade a specific action based on a specific trigger. We work with clients to evaluate, implement, and design these automated email campaigns to help them achieve their business goals. We develop a downloadable magnet, integrate the request contact form on the website with the email marketing platform. Then a series of custom messages are triggered based on the action of requesting the download.

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    While we recommend MailChimp for email marketing for small businesses, we will train and use the preferred service provider the client has selected.