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943519_548968881813303_1488812456_nAs a brand, how do you get people to share your content on their own social media channels? One proven method is to make it less about you and more about them. More about what motivates people to share can be found here:
tynker-interviewI love this! Education is failing our kids at the youngest of ages. Let’s face it, our kids have a better grasp of technology today than we can fathom, no matter how hard we try to keep up. Yet our schools are slow to change and many can’t afford to keep up, especially at the pace of technology. So what if there was an affordable way to teach elementary kids the concepts of coding, open doors to them to learn and create technology? There is! Check out Tynker:
922914_548590601851131_1589209578_nAre you blogging? Here is one of the blogging commandments: Don’t steal!
jb-mailchimp-mobile-marketingMobile marketing doesn’t have to be costly, you can target your current promotions to a mobile audience with these tips:
social-media-and-the-churchNeed proof that social media can be used to grow your church and open doors to share the light and love of God? It’s here: