YIKES!!!! Today might be a good day to check your Domain Registration. Within the last 7 days I have had two clients let their primary website domain expire unintentionally, and subsequently leaving them without a website. If you don’t KNOW the answers to these questions regarding your Domain Registration, make the time today to answer them!

  • Do you know where your domain(s) is registered?
  • When do your domain(s) expire?
  • Is auto renew set-up?
  • Is the credit card on file is current?
  • Does the email your registrar have on file one that you check regularly?
(Non-Techie Tip: There is a difference between your domain registration and your hosting. They may be packaged together, but often they are completely separate charges and can be with different providers. So make sure you understand the differences when review your domain registration.)


Auto Renew is a wonderful thing! Until your credit card expires and you have not updated the card on file with your account. In which case, you should receive an email from the domain registrar notifying that the card needs to be updated.

But, is the email address on file with your Domain Registrar one that you check regularly? Let’s say you registered a domain over a decade ago, using a Yahoo or even AOL address – one that may not even be active anymore, because we all know over time the email address once used may not be one you check or even have active anymore. If that’s the case, you’ll miss all emails notifying you about your expiring domain. And yes, this happens more than it should. So… while you’re taking inventory of your domains, verify all of your account information is correct and a good email address is on file.

Hopefully, you will take inventory of your domains, know when they expire, make sure they are set to auto renew, confirm a good credit card is on file, and you have an active email address on file and these steps prevent your website going down for an hour, a day, or longer due to an accidental oversight.

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