When was the last time you were completely amazed by technology? I mean, so blown away by your experience that you couldn’t believe it and so excited to tell everyone else because they needed to experience it too?

Yes, technology changes rapidly, but in some ways it feels like most new technologies have lost that cutting edge. There is so much that can be done in the “cloud” that we’re not surprised by the next “cloud” experience. We are used to having information at our fingertips that a new way to access information doesn’t impress us.

In the same way, many of us are unimpressed with the marketing messages we see. In fact, we have gotten very good at overlooking marketing messages and advertisements. I’m no different. I will pause live programming just so I can fast forward through boring and annoying commercials. I avoid websites that littered with pop-up ads. I pay very little attention to the ads on the right side of my screen in gmail and facebook. And I am careful about the marketing messages that I “allow” in my google+ and facebook newsfeed.

But a couple weeks ago there was a message in my Facebook feed that caught my attention. My favorite band posted “be sure to download our new app… you won’t want to miss our BIG announcement!”. I was intrigued and figured I could download an app, see what the BIG deal was and then remove the app.

Except, when time came for that “announcement” I was so blown away by their use of technology. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Now I was watching facebook intently for their next post… and their next post… just because I wanted to experience more. I was a fairly loyal follower before this, but now… Now I am an engaged and dedicated follower.

Bon Jovi used mobile technology combined with Social Media to engage their fans and provide loyal followers with an amazing experience.

I don’t exactly know how they did it… and I would love to figure it out and replicate it. But what I can do for now is look for new ways to use existing technology to move my loyal followers to engaged and dedicated followers. So that when my “call to action” appears magically on their mobile device — they’ll act.

I can’t really explain to you what happens… and I wouldn’t want to. You should experience it for yourself. So here are the details:

(3) Bon Jovi