During the month of August I participated in a SUP Yoga Challenge. First, SUP Yoga is yoga practiced on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) on a body of water. So a quick note about me, I love the practice of SUP Yoga because it challenges my strength and balance above and beyond yoga on solid ground. Plus, it’s fun when you lose your balance and are refreshed by splashing into the water.

The challenge was issued on Instagram and was sponsored by a variety of groups and companies. If you accepted the challenge, each day you had to post a picture of a yoga specific yoga pose.

The benefits of the social media challenge.

About a week into this challenge I began to realize several benefits from a social media challenge, both as a participant, and as a sponsoring company.

For the companies that sponsored the SUP Yoga challenge, their benefits included:

  • Building brand awareness about their company.
  • Adding new followers on their social media channels, especially on Instagram.
  • Extending reach and awareness to anyone that follows the participants of the challenge.
  • Identifying influencers and potential brand ambassadors.
  • Engaging their audience to participate and interact with their social media posts.
  • Providing and gathering plenty of content for their social media channels.

It benefitted me personally too! Here’s how:

  • It provided me with content to post on a daily basis.
  • It challenged me to post every day!
  • It made me think ahead about what I was going to post in the days ahead so I was prepared.
  • I gained new followers as I connected with others that were participating in the challenge.
  • Engagement on my posts doubled. I went from getting an average of 20-something likes on an Instagram post to consistently getting over 40-something likes.

Shortly after I started participation in this challenge I began to realize how this kind of a challenge may be beneficial for the businesses I work with. I have found that often times the biggest roadblock when it comes to social media marketing is not having a strategy and not knowing what to post.

So here it is… a 30-day social media challenge for your business!

I have created an outline of posts for you to share on your businesses social media accounts for the next 30 days. Note: While this challenge is designed primarily for your Facebook business page, it can be used on other channels as well. For Instagram, you’ll need to get creative or even substitute for some of the post suggestions, as you will need pictures for every day of the challenge. Make adjustments as needed for the social media platform of your choice. There are no rules, this is simply a guide to help you over the next 30 days.

Rather than making this social media challenge specific to a month, it begins on Monday and then lasts for the next 30 days. So you can start this challenge when it best suits you and your business.

How it works:

  1. Click Here to Accept the challenge!
    We’ve put together a 30-day social media calendar that tells you what to post each day. You will have to draft your posts, curate content, create or source pictures, etc. So there will be some planning and effort made on your part.
  2. Pick a Monday you want to start on and put it on your calendar.
    We recommend you look at least a week out. Take the first week to plan and organize your content.
  3. Start planning!
    We created a Challenge Worksheet as a tool to help you plan what you’ll post each day. We’ll email you the worksheet after you accept the challenge. Use the worksheet to draft your posts or make notes about what you want to share each day.
  4. Follow Convertible Communications on Facebook.
  5. Email challenge@convertible.cc with the following information so we can follow along and engage as you participate in the challenge!
    • Links to social media accounts.
    • Date you will start the challenge.
  6. Persevere
    Okay, so you may start strong and then life and business get in the way. It happens. Don’t stress our, and don’t quit! Just pick back up the next day.

That’s it!! Good luck!

Final Thoughts

As you complete this challenge, we hope you find that actively engaging on social media benefits and grows your business. Our hope is that you’ll find the discipline to continue to post each day and that as a result you will see the ongoing benefits of organic social media efforts.

Begin thinking about how your business might be able to issue a social media challenge to your clients and customers. Can you engage them and challenge them to post something each day that will promote and grow your brand? I’d love to assist you as you consider issuing a challenge to your audience. Let me know how I can help!

Finally, are there other businesses that you can share this challenge with? If you’ve seen positive results, we encourage you to share with others.

30 day Social Media challenge