To be successful on Twitter, you must be continually active on your account. This can be very time consuming if you’re not using any tools to automate this social media channel. Here are 3 tools we use to automate a Twitter account.

Create recipes on IFTT

If This Then That is a website that automates life, including social media!

IFTT Channels

To get started on IFTT, first connect your social media accounts you want to link and automate..

Now it’s time to add some recipes. There are several that you can use specifically for Twitter. Some of the ones we use and recommend are:

  • Instagram video to Twitter
  • Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos
  • Build a Twitter list form a specific hashtag
  • Auto-generate #ff (Follow Friday) tweets for everyone you’ve liked (favorite) in a week
  • If new Twitter Follower, Auto Follow them back
  • Rain tomorrow? Get an IF Notification (We need to know if we should put the top up on the convertible, after all!)

IFTT Recipes

Once you have set up all your recipes, make sure you go back and check to make sure they are functioning properly.  Sometimes a recipe is read wrong and it might not be performing the action it was supposed to.

Build your Twitter following on StatusBrew

It is an unspoken rule that Twitter accounts have a close ratio. Ideally, you want to have more followers than the number of people you are following. With StatusBrew, you can view and unfollow accounts that have unfollowed you or haven’t followed you back. This will trim down the number of people you are following, bringing our follower-to-followers ration in line.

StatusBrew Unfollowing

Now let’s look at how you can “Grow Your Account” with StatusBrew. Click on the option to “Copy Followers/Following.” This is where another account username can be entered to view their followers. Hint: select a competitor or an influencer. Scroll down and start following some new people to make them aware of your account!

Finally, let’s set up an automated message to all your new followers. Thanking your new followers will keep them engaged.

Status Brew Message

Automate Twitter with TweetJukebox

TweetJukebox lets you build a “playlist” of tweets and then it will randomly pull and play those tweets based on a schedule that you set. The service has one free quote jukebox to get you started, and there is a selection of other free jukeboxes you can select from. But you really should create your own content and load it into your own jukebox and be completely hands-free. Don’t forget to include hashtags to increase visibility of your tweets!
twitter 21

Scheduling Tweets with Buffer

Buffer is a bit more hands on but it allows you to schedule your twitter content that may be more time sensitive. Buffer will provide you with times that your tweet will reach the most people and let you schedule retweets of your followers. Engaging with your followers, keeps your followers.

Buffer Schedule